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We have developed a new "open frame" 1000 PSI 1.0 and 2.0 GPM misting pump and we would like to talk to you about the great new features. Our enclosed drive pump is also an excellent pump however it can be a little noisy if you don't have a distant outdoor area to place it. The open frame misting pump is a bit quieter and cheaper.

If a permanent mist cooling system is not right for you, a portable mist cooling system may be an option.  Portable mist cooling units online vary a lot by price and effectiveness. When shopping you will see some portable fan units as low as $40.00 those types of units are very similar to how a sprinkler system might feel. They can keep you cooler outdoors by keeping you wet but don’t effect the overall temperature around you. When you choose a high pressure system you will get the same effect as you can with the high pressure pump units. It will cool your areas by up to 20 degrees without the residual moisture called flash evaporation-it cools the air around you without getting you soaked. And the number one thing about a portable unit you can take it anywhere!

These are our new Slimline misting nozzles for 2017 – American Made Nozzles! We have been on a mission for the past 10 years to develop the worlds best mosquito misting nozzle! Here is the best one we have found to date. Say goodbye to the cotton filters!