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When you've bought a mosquito misting system and your doing your own maintenance it's important to know which nozzles work best.  Many mosquito misting system nozzles are standard and will work on just about any system manufacturer.  In this article, we'll review three standard nozzles and their uses.

First, we have the standard mosquito misting nozzle tip, the most common size used is the slimline .015" / .40mm orifice stainless steel nozzle tip with a 10/24 thread (these will fit most mosquito systems with slimline nozzles).  In our experience of installing thousands of systems, we have found that it is best not to use the nozzle tips with the cotton filters as they become more clogged over time.  Instead look for the nozzles with these features:

  • Anti-Drip Spring W/ Viton Ball
  • Internal Cleanable Pin Prevents Clogging
  • Non-Drip Rubber Burb Resists Chemical Reactions

Another popular mosquito misting nozzle is the Straight Tee Nozzle.  This nozzle is great for mounting under eaves, fences, decks, and porches.  The complete Straight Tee nozzle assembly that is most commonly used is made up of a ¼" push to connect tee fitting with a .30mm/.012 orifice nozzle tip.  Look for these features:

  • Tee Nozzle
  • Nickle Plated Brass Fitting
  • Stainless Steel Nozzle
  • .30mm/.012 Orifice nozzle tip

And lastly, we'll explore the Steinen nozzle tip AKA the 303-nozzle tip.  The Steinen stainless steel Drip-Free Misting Nozzle has been refined over the years by our top engineers to reward you with a flawless performance, accurate flow and spray angle, and instant shut-off at the orifice in less than 250 ms. High-grade nickel stainless steel keeps nozzles looking good for the life of the installation. The Check Valve located in the mister nozzle body instantaneously stops dripping and leaking which is necessary for such situations where any drips and leaks are unacceptable. Significantly outperforms any slimline misting nozzle.

There are many more nozzles, adapters, and fittings for mosquito control systems that can and will be explored in future articles.  Thank you for your time and we hope this article is helpful in choosing a mosquito misting nozzle that is right for you.