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When you've bought a mosquito misting system and your doing your own maintenance it's important to know which nozzles work best.  Many mosquito misting system nozzles are standard and will work on just about any system manufacturer.  In this article, we'll review three standard nozzles and their uses.

Selecting a mosquito misting concentrate for your system can be a bit confusing for some.  So I'll break it down here into three different categories first; there are the full synthetic blends, semi-organic, and organic concentrates. 

We have taken some time over the past year to improve upon our Platinum mosquito misting system design. We know that leaks are an issue with some systems and therefore waste some of the misting concentrate. That is why we have developed a new "Leak Detection" feature along with many other changes. The leak detection via the integrated flow meter will continuously monitor the system for any unusual outputs. If any occur the system will be put in safe mode preventing valuable fluid loss.