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Mosquito and Cooling Systems, LLC is a company that has grown out of almost a decade of development, installation and support/maintenance of high-end Mosquito Control Systems and Mist Cooling Systems. We offer unique products that are dependable and extremely effective. Because we support a large customer base of high-end residential and commercial customers we have developed rugged systems that just work. Some of our products are offered off-the-shelf, but many of our products are designed and sourced specifically for each application. We have found that using high-quality products, designed specifically for heavy and long-term use, give the best possible results. Many of our products can only be found here, and are not available through any other retailer or wholesaler.

We stand behind our products. We know that we sell the best, and we want our customers to have the best systems possible for their applications. We offer a custom analysis and system design for all of our systems. We want all our customers to have the best system possible. We are unique in the industry to provide this service. We have installed hundreds of systems. If you send us a layout with measurements we show you exactly what you need to have proper coverage, dependability, and results. Contact us with questions.